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Malaysia – The Opening of Foreign Workers’ Application on 10th October 2023

The Opening of Foreign Workers’ Application on 10th October 2023

Application for the hiring of foreign workers for the textile, barber, and goldsmith business industry will be opened soon on the 10th of October 2023.


This initiative will be aligned with initiatives that have been implemented by the government sector, in September 2023 to reopen the admission of foreign workers that had been put on hold since the year 2009.


The quota of the foreign workers will be approximately 7,500 for 3 sub-sectors in accumulation which includes 5,000 of existing foreign workers who are in the sub-sectors.


For the foreign workers to quality to be hired, the main terms and conditions are that the application must be submitted by the registered employees to the Indian Chamber of Commerce and there will be no application extension that can be made once the quota has reached 7,500 workers, For existing foreign workers, employers can start applying for the Temporary Employment Visit Card (PLKS) from 10th October onwards.


The approval to recruit foreign workers for these three sub-sectors is highly prioritized towards existing business and not new business according to Section 60K of the Employment Act 1955.


All management of the business organization must abide by and comply with all labour law provisions which also include providing JTKSM-certified accommodation, paying a minimum wage of RM1,500, and contributions to the Labor and Social Security Organization.


However, for companies who are in the goldsmith and textile industry, foreign workers must not exceed 15% of Malaysian workers for business establishments with an area of ​​between 1,000 square meters and 5,000 square meters and from three-to-three square meters.


Aside from that, for barbershops, business owners must fully own a Certificate of Competency (SKM) certified by the relevant authority. At least one local and two foreign staff are only allowed in barbershops with a minimum of three barber chairs.


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